The WORCK Data Stories present texts, pictures, objects and audio-visual media dealing with labour and coercion by providing a historical contextualisation and interpretation of the documents and pointing to more general questions and observations of research.

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This data story is the product of a group of eleven history master students at the University of Vienna.

In the early morning hours of March 26, 1754, a lone man secretly left the Moravian communal settlement Herrnhut in t

From the late eighteenth century on, domestic slavery, until then the most common form of domestic work in the Ottoma

In the Later Roman Empire (3rd to 6th centuries CE) rural tenancy became much more regulated than previously.

The process of entering a work relationship is very complex both on an individual and on a structural level. There are those

The Chinese judiciary was organized along a vertical chain of transmission.

From 1741 to about 1860 a prison known in its time as “